My Therapeutic Style

Lighthearted, Thoughtful + Transparent


Most of my clients are surprised by how much they laugh in therapy. There’s humor even in life’s hardest moments, and in the midst of coping with difficulty, I’ve found that humor helps us move forward.

I provide straightforward, yet warm, support. Clients tell me that this therapeutic style feels like coming up for air after flailing through the rough and elusive waters of infertility or midlife.

While sessions are all about my clients, I find it adds to the healing process when I show up fully in the work. I don’t “wear a mask” during sessions and I don’t use therapy talk. Often times my clients find my transparent and engaged approach helps them develop a deeper connection and creates a safe space for them to take charge as they navigate their various life circumstances.

My Clinical Approach


While I pull from a variety of theoretical clinical practices, my philosophy is grounded in Control Mastery Theory (CMT). In simple terms, CMT suggests that our early childhood experiences have significant impact on our formation of beliefs and assumptions about ourselves, others, and the world.

Some of these beliefs or assumptions hinder our growth and development, often interfering with relationships, and preventing us from achieving personal and professional goals.

During my sessions I help clients explore how their childhood foundational beliefs and assumption have influenced their life circumstances. The work we do together represents a powerful transition in my clients’ lives: from a place of questioning and despair to a place of hope and acceptance. This is what fuels me to continue showing up every day, as I watch my clients discover their new selves and the next stage of their lives.