Being An Older Mother to A Young Child: The Unique Challenges & Hopes

This will take about 7 minutes to read. Women in their early 40s and beyond who don’t yet have children are part of a group with uniquely positioned needs: we’re beginning to experience the challenges of midlife, yet also dreaming of starting a family, however that might happen. At this stage, women are often deep…

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Menopause – The Second Adolescence?

This will take about 5 minutes to read Irritable all the Time? You’re not Going Crazy: Menopause is like a Second Adolescence Going through menopause is like going through a second adolescence, in so many ways. If you’re feeling irritable, anxious about body changes, and anticipating what’s next in life for you, then you’re not…

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Midlife & Sleep

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a Brief in September 2017 that looked at quality and duration of sleep among women aged 40 to 59 by menopausal status. And guess what they found? Yes, you most likely already know: Sleep duration changes with advanced age; and both duration and quality of sleep are…

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