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Should You Stop with IVF Treatments?

How to Know When You Should Stop IVF If you’re going through IVF, or if you’ve ever considered it as an option for conceiving, you may wonder what happens if the first cycle doesn’t work, or the second…or third, fourth, or fifth. It’s a difficult question to consider, but it’s an important one to think…

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Donor Eggs: An Alternative Way to Start a Family

This will take about 7 minutes to read. When you’re in the throes of finding your way to fertility, you may find yourself wondering what options you have to conceiving and carrying a child. Women who don’t get pregnant naturally, no matter the reason, have several options to having a child: IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)…

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Being An Older Mother to A Young Child: The Unique Challenges & Hopes

This will take about 7 minutes to read. Women in their early 40s and beyond who don’t yet have children are part of a group with uniquely positioned needs: we’re beginning to experience the challenges of midlife, yet also dreaming of starting a family, however that might happen. At this stage, women are often deep…

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Infertility & Stress

So, you’ve received your infertility diagnosis and now you feel completely stressed out. What to do? How to proceed? Just know that your response – inability to fall asleep, your mind going in circles, anxiety symptoms, sadness, crying spells – is completely normal. Here are some strategies that you can use to manage your stress.…

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